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Into The Box Movie Trailer

Posted by Brad Wood
Mar 20, 2014 23:09:00 UTC

We've created a fun trailer for our Into The Box conference this May.  Please check it out and then register to come for a great day of learning that doesn't take itself too seriously :)


What's A Pull Request (Contributing To Open Source) cf.Objective() Preview

Posted by Brad Wood
Feb 26, 2014 06:32:00 UTC

Tonight the Nebraska ColdFusion User Group (NECFUG) rebooted themselves and I was honored to be able to share a preview of my cf.Objective() session for this year, What's A Pull Request (Contributing To Open Source).  I'd love to have feedback on the presentation so I can make it as good as possible for cf.Objective() this May.  Please give it a listen if you have the time and drop me a line with any thoughts you have.

cf.Objective() Session-- Grow a Backbone.js and drag your apps out of the past with JS Templating

Posted by Brad Wood
May 08, 2013 21:33:00 UTC
Yesterday I talked briefly about my Agile session I'll be presenting at cf.Objective(). Today I'd like to give a quick mention to my Backbone.js session I'll also be giving at 9am Saturday the 18th. I'll admit, I'm a little nervous about this topic simply because it's farther outside my normal comfort zone. The push to improve myself as a developer and learn some front-end JavaScripting frameworks has been a recent and exciting one.

cf.Objective() Session-- Waterfall to Agile: Improve your Project Workflow Without Drowning

Posted by Brad Wood
May 08, 2013 07:11:00 UTC
cf.Objective() is almost upon us and I'm super excited as this will be my first year as an attendee and a speaker. I wanted to give a brief teaser for my session, "Waterfall to Agile: Improve your Project Workflow Without Drowning" which is currently scheduled to occur at 1:45 on Saturday the 18th. I am the most excited about this topic and here's some reasons why.

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