My name is Brad Wood and I love CFML!

I have been developing in CF since 1999 (Ver 4.5). I am very pleased to be a part of the CFML community. I actively participate in the ColdBox and ContentBox mailing lists.  I also pop up on the Lucee list now and then.  This blog and my personal site, www.bradwood.com both run on Lucee, a sweet open source CFML engine.  This blog is also running on ContentBox Modular CMS, a sweet open source CFML CMS.  I work from my home in Kansas City where I live with my wife and three girls.  The majority of my work is spent with Ortus Solutions, the makers of ColdBox MVC.  In my spare time I like to play with Linux, databases, NoSQL (Couchbase) and Java (usually in the form of Lucee extensions).

My blog name Coder's Revolution is a reference to how I see developers as the people who push the web forward, bring technologies to life and sustain the community.  I want to encourage devs to not sit idly by and let someone else create the Internet of tomorrow.  Stand up and create a revolution of your own!