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New Centuar Features Demoed! ORM, Bolt (IDE), Code Generation, CFScript

Posted by Brad Wood
Nov 21, 2008 12:27:00 UTC
I just got out of a session with Jason Delmore talking about some of the new features being looked at in ColdFusion 9. He mostly talked about the ORM features being baked into the next version of ColdFusion courtesy of Hibernate. We also squeezed a few other tidbits of information out of him too.

Max Day 2: Liveblog Quotes from Main Session -- NEW IDE!!!

Posted by Brad Wood
Nov 20, 2008 09:21:00 UTC
I've fought my way to a seat somewhere in the back half of the main auditorium for Tuesday's Main Session. Today is supposed to be the big day for product announcements like ColdFusion. I assume Ray Camden will be blogging this too, so I'm going to take a slightly different approach and let him do the play by play while I record the best quotes I hear from Adobe's finest. I will update the post as I get good stuff to record and assuming my internet connection says up...

Max Day 1: Overview of My Schedule

Posted by Brad Wood
Nov 20, 2008 08:20:00 UTC
Well I didn't get to write this until this morning, but I wanted to reflect briefly on the first day of Max. This being not only my first Max but my first conference in general. I've got to say that overall I have been pretty impresed.

Max Day 1: Main Session

Posted by Brad Wood
Nov 19, 2008 08:26:00 UTC
I sitting here in the main session for Adobe Max 2008 and I can't believe how many people are here already. They just started us off with a beat box slide show... I ran into Jochem while cramming down breakfast and chatted with him up the escalater... he said that people claiming *some* usage or interaction with CF accounted for about 50% of the registrations-- and the CEO just annouced there is over 5000 registrations. I will update this post as stuff happens...

I've Arrived At Max!

Posted by Brad Wood
Nov 18, 2008 14:29:00 UTC
After a couple very long airport delays I have arrived in San Francisco and can't wait for the first workshops tomorrow. I have a laptop in tow and hope to blog what I can providing there is wireless available.

LightWire, Constructor Injection, And Inheritance

Posted by Brad Wood
Nov 08, 2008 18:29:00 UTC
As we push ahead with our app using ColdBox and LightWire, we have been configuring our Dependency Injection as we go. DI is one of those things I'm pretty certain I see the benefit to, but I'm not sure how sold on it I am. At this point, we may only have 50 to 60 CFCs so perhaps we're just not deep enough in to see the real profit yet. The only real advantage I've seen to date is having all of our dependencies spelled out in one configuration file (with the exception of the stuff you are auto-wiring). Other than that, I don't know that I have really saved any code. That being said, I don't have any circular dependencies, and my dependency levels don't get much more than 2 or 3 levels deep right now so maybe I just need to be patient.

How To Tell If That Cool Flash Movie Was Made With Flex

Posted by Brad Wood
Nov 07, 2008 17:44:00 UTC
James Ward has a little tool called "Is It Flex" that will tell you if a given SWF file was made with Flex providing you know the URL to the SWF. James uses the SWFDump utility from the SDK and looks for some header info that the Flex compiler places in the SWF. A while ago I experimented with an ancillary tool on my site which attempted to find the URLs to all the SWFs in the page for you and check them all at once.

ActionScript Implicit Getters And Setters Are Growing On Me

Posted by Brad Wood
Nov 06, 2008 19:09:00 UTC
Here's a little tidbit that will be old-hat to any Flex/Flash people out there, but as a CF guy, I found it pretty interesting. Most ColdFusion programmers have probably heard of implicit getters and setters as a pattern some have adopted in CFML (and others seem to vehemently oppose). While learning Flex, I have found that ActionScript 3 also supports implicit getting and setting but it means something completely different that what I had expected.

Do You Know Your OO Acronyms?

Posted by Brad Wood
Nov 01, 2008 14:15:00 UTC
Lately I've noticed how impossible it is to talk about Object Oriented Programming without peppering your conversations with scholarly-sounding acronyms. I don't know if we programmers just like to sound smart or if we see it as part of a special club of sorts. As my good friend Anonymous once said, "If it is Computer Oriented and if it doesn't have an Acronym, then it doesn't exist" That being said, here is a list I comprised of acronyms that are related to OO or have come up recently in blogs about OO. See how many you can identify, and comment with any additional ones you think of.

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