I've fought my way to a seat somewhere in the back half of the main auditorium for Tuesday's Main Session. Today is supposed to be the big day for product announcements like ColdFusion. I assume Ray Camden will be blogging this too, so I'm going to take a slightly different approach and let him do the play by play while I record the best quotes I hear from Adobe's finest. I will update the post as I get good stuff to record and assuming my internet connection says up..."Your mission is to figh the forces of status quo." "This is going to be our biggest mission yet. I'm going to call it "Quantum of Richness" "Complete Home Automation [with AIR]" "Make Flash development a lot more productive" "But, there's more!" "Surfboards dancing across the screen" "Serious productivity gains in Flash CS4" "Photoshop automatically knows what's a scalable object" "I'm painting directly on a 3D object in Photoshop" "Thermo is now Flash Catalyst" "What's uniquie about Flash Catalyst is we can turn any free-form peice of artwork into a Flash component." "When's it going to be available" "There's going to be a beta release in early 2009" (Flash Catalyst) "We need to head to the development lab!" "What if there was a way to run your C code inside of the flash player?" "Project alchemy lets you take C and C++ code and convert it to ActionScript." "Perfect!" "Flash is about rich media. Let's see if we can make that better with Alchemy." "One of the neat things about Alchemy is that it can take C++ code and convert it to run cross-frame." "Anything you can do with PDF?" "Certainly!" "As you can see, this is fundamentally about productivity." "How about we use ColdFusion?" "I've heard of it." "Good, then you can keep your job". "Welcome to the ColdFusion IDE codenamed Bolt" "It actually knows the names of the datasources available for you" "It knows the names of the queries already defined" "It knows the names of the components in your projects" "It knows the names of all the methods inside it" "Here's a table. right click, generage ORM" "All without writing any code at all curtesy of Centuar and Bolt" "I haven't written a single line of code. I've simply pointed to the ColdFusion app on the back end and now I have a running Flex app." "With one line of code I've added the functionality to add all of that data management in my Flex Application." "Back here in Flex Builder in the data monitor you will see all of those operations have been logged for me." (HTTP Operations) "This is actually Visual Studio. Visual Studio developers want to build Flex applications too" "A native .NET implementation of AMF to C#" "Perhaps you've heard of Ajax?" "I know a thing or two about CSS-- in fact I wrote a book on it" "Ajax can be used with AIR applications and right here in DreamWeaver CS4 I can actually build applications." "It's of to the deployment lab!" "Is [Flash] really safe? Can Goodle index it" "We have a solution" "Adobe got together with Google to solve this problem" "For dynamic (Flash) content to have to run the code" (to index it) "All that can be indexed now" "Use SWFobject or the Adobe detection kit to make sure your [Flash] is found." "Do you have anything for live video or streaming?" "I with there was a way I could have paused the live video stream" "This is basically DVR on the Internet" "This allows any Flash client to talk to one another directly... there's no server" "Flash player to Flash player... or AIR to AIR." "Thanks for coming to Max. It's great to see everybody here"