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Topics I Upvoted For cf.Objective() 2014

Posted by Brad Wood
Nov 07, 2013 09:48:00 UTC
I've voted for the cf.Objective() topics I'd most like to see this year. I purposefully waited to vote until the board was fully populated since I wanted to give full opportunity to the late comers. It was actually kind of hard to decide since I felt bad NOT voting for everything. I tried to stick to a couple topics from the category. I also did my best to ignore the current number of votes and the presenter just to stay unbiased.

And in case you're wondering, no I didn't vote for my own topics. I figure if it takes my vote to get chosen it probably wasn't that good of a choice :) Here's what I chose and why:

My cf.Objective() 2014 Submissions & VOTE!

Posted by Brad Wood
Nov 04, 2013 19:29:00 UTC
Everyone seemed to be tweeting out their cf.Objective() 2014 submissions today so I figured I would as well. However, not being able to fit much in 140 characters, I figured I would stick it in a quick blog entry. Firstly, I like the open voting format this year. it seemed to work well for CF Summit and I didn't hear a single complaint about the content there. After a slow start, I see a good number of additional topics have flowed into the board this last week or so. I've submitted 3 topics of my own for consideration on the cf.Objective() 2014 Trello board. They are thusly:

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