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The Side of the 'Net Google won't show you

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 09, 2008 17:30:00 UTC
They say the Universe is 22% Dark Matter. Invisible particles floating out there that are about impossible to locate-- maybe we're just not looking for it the right way. It reminds me of parts of the Internet.

Exciting News - Google learns to crawl Flash

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 01, 2008 12:14:00 UTC
In a very cool announcement today the Google Blog announced that it will be able to index Flash content. Google doesn't go into details, but they did mention that they used "Adobe's new Searchable SWF library". I'll have to look into that. So what do you guys think? Will this make Flex a real player? Will this give Flex a distinct advantage over SilverLight?

$500 Cat5 cable at

Posted by Brad Wood
Jun 30, 2008 20:04:00 UTC
This has been around for while, but I just came across it. There is a company on seriously selling a network cable for $500. Read the comments, but warning-- you may laugh so hard you wet your pants.

Bitten by an iframe downloader virus

Posted by Brad Wood
Jun 30, 2008 13:38:00 UTC
Well, my church's website got bit this week. I'll point out that I have nothing to do with the hosting or security of this site, I just help them keep it updated. The site is hosted at IPower, which in my overall opinion as a hosting company falls somewhere between pond scum and moss. No wait, make it rock. Scum or moss would be giving them too much credit. (That's another story though) Fortunately for IPower, this one can't be blamed on them. It appears someone guessed our FTP login's password, (probably a port scan and brute force attack) and recursively perused through our site modifying any file which was named index.*

Coding is JUST like carpentry

Posted by Brad Wood
Jun 29, 2008 01:45:00 UTC
Coding is JUST like carpentry, except with keyboards and mice instead of hammers and saws. Ok, ok, that analogy breaks down pretty quickly, but the thought did occur to me today. Let me explain. During the summer months my church spends the summer doing service projects like picking up trash and painting houses. With our recent tenant finish snugly under our belt we ventured out into the construction field to flex our power drills and sawzalls and help a smaller church in need.

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