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Coder's Revolution Is Now Running ContentBox CMS

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I am proud to have finally brought my blog into the new age my converting from BlogCFC which served me well for many years to ContentBox Modular CMS.  Other than a few case-sensitivity glitches moving my database from a Windows backup to my Linux server, it went very well.  Contentbox has a built-in BlogCFC converter which is very nice and pulled across all my content, categories, comments, users, etc in just a minute or so.  I also wrote a simple open source module for ContentBox which will support the old BlogCFC-style links to entries, pages, and RSS feeds so old links will still work.  I am using Computer Know How's Bootswatch Theme.

 Both the URL compatibility module and the Bootswatch theme are available on ForgeBox and can be installed directly from the ContentBox admin with the click of a button.  This is part of why ContentBox is so advanced and extensible.  Hopefully I'll blog a bit more now that I've got all the new ContentBox features.  I know I still need to do some cleanup on the code formatting in some of my entries.  If you see any broken links for functionality, please let me know so I can take a look and fix it.


Topics I Upvoted For cf.Objective() 2014

I've voted for the cf.Objective() topics I'd most like to see this year. I purposefully waited to vote until the board was fully populated since I wanted to give full opportunity to the late comers. It was actually kind of hard to decide since I felt bad NOT voting for everything. I tried to stick to a couple topics from the category. I also did my best to ignore the current number of votes and the presenter just to stay unbiased.

And in case you're wondering, no I didn't vote for my own topics. I figure if it takes my vote to get chosen it probably wasn't that good of a choice :) Here's what I chose and why:

My cf.Objective() 2014 Submissions & VOTE!

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Everyone seemed to be tweeting out their cf.Objective() 2014 submissions today so I figured I would as well. However, not being able to fit much in 140 characters, I figured I would stick it in a quick blog entry. Firstly, I like the open voting format this year. it seemed to work well for CF Summit and I didn't hear a single complaint about the content there. After a slow start, I see a good number of additional topics have flowed into the board this last week or so. I've submitted 3 topics of my own for consideration on the cf.Objective() 2014 Trello board. They are thusly:

cf.Objective() Session-- Grow a Backbone.js and drag your apps out of the past with JS Templating

Yesterday I talked briefly about my Agile session I'll be presenting at cf.Objective(). Today I'd like to give a quick mention to my Backbone.js session I'll also be giving at 9am Saturday the 18th. I'll admit, I'm a little nervous about this topic simply because it's farther outside my normal comfort zone. The push to improve myself as a developer and learn some front-end JavaScripting frameworks has been a recent and exciting one.

cf.Objective() Session-- Waterfall to Agile: Improve your Project Workflow Without Drowning

cf.Objective() is almost upon us and I'm super excited as this will be my first year as an attendee and a speaker. I wanted to give a brief teaser for my session, "Waterfall to Agile: Improve your Project Workflow Without Drowning" which is currently scheduled to occur at 1:45 on Saturday the 18th. I am the most excited about this topic and here's some reasons why.

ContentBox is Giving Away a Kindle Fire for Christmas

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ContentBox and Ortus Solutions just announced a new contest today. All you have to do is write an original ContentBox Theme or Module and submit it to ForgeBox by the Dec 14th deadline.

First prize is a Kindle Fire and a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Runner up is $50 worth of iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards. We're excited to see what the community comes up with.

My "One Tough Puzzle" JavaScript Brute Force Solution

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So, I've been sitting on this for months (because I'm lazy) and decided it's finally time to post it. My mother-in-law visited a while back and brought a puzzle for the kids to play with. It's called "One Tough Puzzle". It claims to have "more the 300,000 wrong ways, but only one right way to assemble it." Well, after fiddling with it for a while, I did what any code-blooded hacker would do and wrote some JavaScript to brute force solve it.

What do you want in ColdBox?

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Team ColdBox is working on putting together a list of features for our 4.0 release. Before we finalize anything, we'd like to hear from you. Please give us your wishlist for the ColdBox Platform and what you'd like to see us work on. There's always items like documentation and additional screen casts, etc but let's focus specifically on what development items we can do to make ColdBox faster, easier, smarter, and flexible for YOU. No suggestion is too big or small. ColdBox Platform
  • Core MVC
  • WireBox
  • LogBox
  • CacheBox
  • MockBox
I started a thread on the official ColdBox mailing list>, but I also want to open up comments for people not in the Google Group. Please leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions.

Call to Arms: We All Need to Evangelize

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Prior to this week, there were Wikipedia entries for MockBox, CacheBox and WireBox, but they've all been deleted by Wikipedia. There still is an entry for the ColdBox Platform-- for now. It's also been marked for deletion. So has the FuseBox page. The main reason for the deletion notices is that those articles don't have enough notable third-party references to support them. Wikipedia moderators say those topics just don't have enough articles, news, and books written about them OUTSIDE of their own community, or for that matter; the ColdFusion community.

Get Your Copy of CacheBox: Scaling Your ColdFusion Applications

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Luis Majano has just released his latest Book, CacheBox: Scaling Your ColdFusion Applications. You can buy it in printed, eBook, and Kindle form. More here.