Slide Deck For My ColdBox 3.0 Preso At KCDevCore

Slide Deck For My ColdBox 3.0 Preso At KCDevCore

Posted by Brad Wood
Feb 24, 2011 20:22:00 UTC
Last Tuesday I presented on the ColdBox Framework to my local Kansas City user group with an emphasis on the new 3.0 features like WireBox. Here is the slide deck I used.



can you upload the demo code with wirebox examples if possible ?

Brad Wood

@Manitha: All of the standard ColdBox samples come bundled with the ColdBox download from .

Just download the bundle, unzip it into your web root, navigate to the samples directory and you'll be off.

I did demo one sample app of my own making in the presentation that was just a simple app that showed how WireBox can autowire a handler, service, bean, DAO, and a few settings together for you with some basic component metadata annotations. It's very straightforward, but I can get the files together and post it if you'd like especially since team ColdBox is still working on some new WireBox sample apps right now.


Thanks Brad. i cant wait till the CB team releases wirebox samples. just curious about the wirebox changes anything with my existing application i build using RC1 where i use metadata injection.

if you post your samples i can take a look and see it is going to affect anything on my side.

Brad Wood

@Manithan: The main thing you're going to want to change when you go from RC1 to RC2 is to convert your modelMappings.cfm file to use the new WireBox binder config. Basically this: addModelMapping("myAlias","com.wahtever.myComponent"); becomes this: map("myAlias").to("com.wahtever.myComponent");

That, and you'll want to put the new wirebox struct in your config file with enabled=true. Otherwise, ColdBox will fall back into compat mode and use the old bean factory.

Your existing component annotations should continue to work fine, but now there is more stuff you can use. You can specify a scope or a named CacheBox cache for your component to be persisted in as well as defining your aliases right there in the component as well. In fact, WireBox added automatic scan locations and directory mappings so you might be able to completely remove your model mappings all together and let WireBox just search for your CFC's and use their annotations. Very exciting stuff.

The WireBox docs are here. They are a long read, but quite informative. There are now tons of options on how you can use WireBox.

I will work on posting my sample app that showed some very basic WireBox mixin injection.


Thanks Brad. i didn't know the documentation got updated. the last i checked was few weeks ago. just half way through the documentation this great and love it. i don't like xml configurations.

Thanks again

Curt Gratz

Nice work Brad. Glad you could present.


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