Sean Corfield's Blog Running Ralio

Sean Corfield's Blog Running Ralio

Posted by Brad Wood
Mar 29, 2009 01:01:00 UTC
I've been following Sean Corfield's nice series, Railo for Dummies on installing Railo, Tomcat and Apache. (Does that make me a dummy?) His latest entry showed the simple steps he followed to convert his blog over from Java 1.4 and CF7 to Java 1.6_13 and Railo don't know if Sean plans to keep his blog on Railo permanently or if this is just a test, but it's still pretty cool.


Sean Corfield

It's a permanent change. I've been meaning to switch it to Railo for quite a while.

I stopped running my IRCbot on a while back and that was the only CF Enterprise feature I needed (event gateway) so I've been wanting more modern CFML support on and my choices were upgrading to CF8 or switching to Railo...

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