My LogBox Slidedeck, Sample Code And Recording URL

My LogBox Slidedeck, Sample Code And Recording URL

Posted by Brad Wood
Apr 29, 2011 00:17:00 UTC
In case you missed the ColdBox Connection webinar today and are dying to know all about LogBox, the enterprise logging library that can be used stand-alone or inside a ColdBox application, I have good news! Here is a link to the recording, my slide deck and most importantly ALL the sample code I used including the Pirate Log Formatter and the QR Code log appender.Adobe Connect Recording Slide Deck Sample Code Remember, you can always visit the ColdBox Connection page to view previous recordings.


Andy K

Fantastic job! That is exactly the kind of presentation that we need more of: rather than just listing all of the crazy-wonderful features, you gently walked us through a basic setup and then introduced all of the advanced features in terms of a "well, now what if we wanted to be able to do this? OK, here's how!" approach.

I hope more of these presos take that kind of approach. I think it's so easy to have your eyes glaze over from the shear depth of the Coldbox documentation. Once I understand and get up and running with a CB feature, I SOOO appreciate the detailed docs, but without adequate "quick start" guides to help us "get it" first, I just get lost sometimes. I feel the docs are laid out more like a reference text (which is great) but I need a "Head Start" or "For Dummies" walk-through first before I can appreciate and/or even use the reference.

Anyways, thanks for helping me "get" Logbox!


Dan Vega

Great presentation Brad!

Brad Wood

Thanks guys. I've very glad the presentation was helpful. @Andy, my favorite professor in college taught that way :)


Thanks a lot for the slides and the webinar. Superb for newbies!

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