Error installing ColdFusion Builder 2 HotFix 1

Error installing ColdFusion Builder 2 HotFix 1

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 18, 2011 20:34:00 UTC
So, downloaded HotFix 1 for ColdFusion Builder 2 just now and tried to install it on my Windows 7 machine. InstallAnywhere started up, but then gave me the following error:
"Unable to execute the desired program.
Please get another copy of the installer and try again.
" I re-downloaded the installer and couple different times and tried saving it to different locations on my hard drive vs opening it directly from the site and I continued to receive the error. My coworker said it worked fine for him. I sent him my file and he sent me his. Sure enough the file he downloaded worked on both our PCs, but mine wouldn't work on either one. We did a quick MD5 hash and the files were identical! Finally we figured out I used IE 8 to download the file, which renamed it automatically to "Adobe_ColdFusion_Bui?lder_2_HotFix_1.exe", but he used FireFox, which left the original file name of "Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 HotFix 1.exe". We tried a couple different file names, and sure enough it appears that the Windows installer only works if the file name is "Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 HotFix 1.exe". If you rename it to anything else, and error is given. Hopefully you'll find this helpful if you're seeing the same issue. Also, I didn't see a feedback mechanism at first glance on the hotfix page. Let me know if you have a good way to notify the CFB team. Also let me know if I'm just doing something really stupid. :)


Seth (@CapedCoder)

Thanks! You just saved me, strange that they would set it up that way.

Steve G.

Thank you!! NEVER would've figured this one out!!


Thanks you :D That is something really useful! And yeah it is stooooopid from adobe to do this kind of error.


Thanks guys! Odd that you can download it from here ( and the extra wording is part of the file name. They need to update their links. :-)

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