ColdFusion, CFC Binding, Ajax Proxy and Updater 1

ColdFusion, CFC Binding, Ajax Proxy and Updater 1

Posted by Brad Wood
Sep 10, 2008 09:05:00 UTC
This week I got a much belated chance to play with some of the CF8 Ajax features I've never gotten around to. I've had CF8 developer's edition on my home PC for a while, but never worked for a place that actually had CF8 in production so I didn't get to play much with the new stuff. I had a big show stopper though. Both my cfgrid bind attribute and my cfajaxproxy tag weren't working. The CFC's I wanted to bind to were web accessible, but there were in a series of subdirectories. ColdFusion, however, kept constructing Ajax code to look in the web root.For instance, my CFC was here:
I would put this code in my page:
[code]<cfgrid bind="cfc:admin.webservices.UserFacade.getUsers()">[/code]
[code]<cfajaxproxy cfc="admin.webservices.UserFacade" jsclassname="UserFacade">[/code]
But in both cases, I would see JavaScript get generated like this:
[code]var _cf_UserFacade=ColdFusion.AjaxProxy.init('/UserFacade.cfc','UserFacade');[/code]
This obviously caused a 404 (Not Found) since the file didn't exist in the root directory. Thanks to Andrew Scott from the CF-Talk list for mentioning this behavior was a known issue with the original release of CF8 and was fixed in Updater 1. Sure enough, I had neglected to update my home computer with Updater 1. I stopped CF, downloaded the updater, installed it, started CF and I was back in business. I hope this helps someone. I mainly blogged it because I googled for a long time and never found anything to help me. Thanks again Andrew! ~Brad



I've been having the EXACT same problem, and sure enough, my production environment is running 8.0.0. Contacting IT now about upgrading. Thank you for the tip... spent HOURS finding a solution...

L Walker

My cfgrid calling a cfc was working just fine on 8.0.0 until I applied the 8.0.0 security patch. That patch broke the cfgrid call and now I have this problem. Unfortunately I have to have the patch due to PCI reasons, but I found this comment about it being fixed in cf8.0.1 and with the hot fixes and security patches for that. I tried to apply the 8.0.1 update, my websites worked fine, but I got a blank page when going to the coldfusion administrator. Thus, I had to back out the update. A bigger problem is that you don't get much assistance from Adobe on this and the product seems to be lacking since they bought it from macromedia. Shame. I now have to find some type of workaround until I can do the update!!!!

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