I am very excited to announce that ColdBox 3.0 has been officially released. After 6 milestone releases and 2 release candidates it is finally complete. I am especially proud to see this since a number of fixes, and code submissions of my own have worked their way into the ColdBox framework, Sample Apps, and Builder Extensions over the past 2 years. A brief list of new features in ColdBox 3.0 includes:
  • ColdBox Modules : Bringing Modular Architecture to ANY ColdBox application
  • Programmatic configuration, no more XML
  • Incredible caching enhancements and integrations
  • Extensible and enterprise dependency injection
  • Aspect oriented programming
  • Integration testing, mocking, stubbing and incredible amount of tools for testing and verification
  • Customizable Flash RAM and future web flows
  • ColdFusion ORM and Hibernate Services
  • RESTful web services enhancement and easy creations
What's more, the following features of ColdBox have been broken out into complete stand-alone application that you can integrate into any project:
  • LogBox : Enterprise Logging Library
  • WireBox : Enterprise Dependency Injection and AOP framework
  • CacheBox : Enterprise Caching Engine & Cache Aggregator
  • MockBox : Mocking/Stubbing Framework
This list and more can be found on the ColdBox Blog. If you're not already using ColdBox, please download it, read the docs, mark your calendar for our weekly podcast (ColdBox Connection), and get coding!