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Hi, I'm ColdFusion, and so am I. (Is CF Schizophrenic?)

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 05, 2008 16:18:00 UTC
Sometimes I wonder about ColdFusion. Mostly when it gets depressed and locks itself in the bathroom with a box of chocolates. Seriously though, the identity of CF can sometimes be illusive when you listen to what everybody wants all at once. ColdFusion is different than most languages and I think that's a good thing, but what pushes us to request the changes we want? Do we wish CF was easier to pick up for the beginner? Perhaps we want it to behave a bit more like our favorite scripting language for our benefit or to impress our friends.

I think we have an anemic Domain Model

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 02, 2008 09:45:00 UTC
I have been pouring over the latest Fusion Authority Quarterly Update, and particularly liked Sean Cornfield's article "Beans and DAOs and Gateways, Oh My!" I am pretty familiar with the four application layers he describes, but have had difficulty at times reconciling all the diverse ways I see those implemented. (design patterns) I feel I have a good grasp on OOP, but most of my current application is still on a version of Fusebox 4 which was modified to the point of not being easily upgradeable. We have tried to do new development in MachII, but my exposure has been modest.

Exciting News - Google learns to crawl Flash

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 01, 2008 05:14:00 UTC
In a very cool announcement today the Google Blog announced that it will be able to index Flash content. Google doesn't go into details, but they did mention that they used "Adobe's new Searchable SWF library". I'll have to look into that. So what do you guys think? Will this make Flex a real player? Will this give Flex a distinct advantage over SilverLight?

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