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Operation cf_SQLProtect: 16,000 cfqueries protected

Posted by Brad Wood
Aug 01, 2008 06:25:00 UTC
I have confirmed at least 16,000 individual cfquery tags which have been protected from SQL injection vulnerabilities by having cfqueryparam added to them.

MySQL performance: INNER JOIN vs. sub-select

Posted by Brad Wood
Aug 01, 2008 04:51:00 UTC
I ran into an interesting behavior with MySQL this week. I was helping someone speed up a slow page and a sizable increase in performance was achieved by simply re-arranging the SQL statement. The page was calling a SQL statement inside of a loop-- probably around 150 times on a page load. My initial idea (and still the best long-term one I think) was to gather all the information from the database in a single cfquery and not hit the database over and over. That approach would have required quite a lot more refactoring of code, so first we tried to squeeze some better performance out of the SQL already being called.

ColdFusion Levenshtein Distance: String comparison and highlighting

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 29, 2008 22:01:00 UTC
This is a fun project I put out there a while back. I recently went through and optimized the performance a bit so I could officially blog it. It is an implementation of the Levenshtein Distance Algorithm in CFScript that I based off of a C# version written by Siderite Zackwehdex. Finding the "distance" between two strings is a means of comparing two strings to see how similar they both are. This can be done by finding the Longest Common String or LCS. It is as much a brain bender as it can be occasionally useful.

cfqueryparam: it's not just for security-- also, when NOT to use it

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 26, 2008 16:33:00 UTC
I generally don't care to write about topics that have already had the stuffing blogged out of them. However, I've still seen some of these questions floating around and I figure it never hurts to have more than one place on the 'net talking about it. The two things I wanted to cover real quick are how cfqueryparam may (or may not) enhance the performance of your queries. Also, when does criteria in a query NOT need a cfqueryparam.

Today is Operation cf_SQLprotect

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 25, 2008 20:45:00 UTC
Today is the day. Unless you can bet money that every cfquery in your application is completely safe from SQL inject attacks you need to stop what you are doing and scan your sites. I have reviewed two cfqueryparam scanners to find vulnerable queries and one of them will even fix 95% of your code for you! If your boss asks what you are doing, tell him you found a security vulnerability being exploited and it needs to be closed. He'll understand.

JavaScript method of the day: scrollIntoView()

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 25, 2008 09:48:00 UTC
This little guy isn't actually part of w3c spec, but it is supported by IE and Firefox and can be very handy. This method is inherited by any visible DOM element and when it is called will cause the page/frame/div to scroll until that element is in view.

Announcing the first ever International Operation cf_SQLprotect

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 24, 2008 12:58:00 UTC
Hear Ye, Hear Ye! I hereby declare Friday, July 25th as the first ever International Operation cf_SQLprotect. In response to the massive amount of SQL injection attacks in the past few weeks I want the ColdFusion community to be doing our darndest to keep our applications safe from harm. This Friday, I want everyone who has a site big or small, well known or obscure, to join the world and scan their code base for vulnerable queries and fix them.

Parameterize your queries without lifting a finger

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 24, 2008 11:05:00 UTC
Tuesday I blogged Peter Boughton's QueryParam Scanner from RiaForge. Today I'm taking a look at Daryl Banttari's Query Parameterizing tool. Daryl's scanner has an interesting twist. Not only does it find unparameterized queries, it will automatically FIX them FOR you! Daryl Banttari works for WebApper and is part of the genius behind SeeFusion

My first layoff

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 23, 2008 07:40:00 UTC
Well, I experienced my first layoff today. After working at my job for 4 1/2 years our company "changed tracks" under the direction of a new CIO and cut most of our programming team including me. It appears they want to shift over to .NET and outsource most everything to China.

When will cfqueryparam NOT protect me?

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 22, 2008 20:31:00 UTC
JR asked a good question on my queryparam Scanner post. He noticed that I had stopped short of saying cfqueryparam would ALWAYS stop ALL SQL injection. He said, "Can you give an example of a SQL Injection attack which is not caught by cfqueryparam ?" I'm glad you asked JR.

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