ColdBox Preso for NOVA CF UG Slides and Recording

ColdBox Preso for NOVA CF UG Slides and Recording

Posted by Brad Wood
Jul 17, 2014 20:53:00 UTC

I'd like to thank Dan Fredericks and the NOVA CF UG for asking me to come and present for them last night.  I was given the floor to present whatever I wanted to regarding ColdBox as part of their History of CF Frameworks series.  I had a great time and was happy to be able to talk about some of the exciting things coming up in ColdBox's future as well as some demonstrations of CommandBox, the new CLI, REPL, and package manager for CFML developers.

Here is the Connect recording of the session:

And here is a PDF version of my slide deck: (1.3 MB)

ColdBox Platform - Brad Wood.pdf

Andy K

Hey Brad - looking fwd to checking out the recording this weekend - thx!

Based on the roadmap, we ought to be deep into beta-1 and close to beta-2 at this point. I know those are just approximations, but could you give an informal update on the timeline?

Also, could you give a bit more of an overview of the major changes that are coming up that perhaps we could be mindful of now? The removal of plugins, in favor of modules, comes to mind as one that's been mentioned. I now it's a work in progress and not nailed down, but if there's anything that might be helpful to spend some time on now, rather than refactor later, we'd be interested!

Cheers, Andy

Brad Wood

Hi Andy, we've got a lot of work done on ColdBox 4 and you can try what we have so far by downloading the development branch on GitHub, or downloading out bleeding edge here: (That's "install coldbox-platform-be" in CommandBox :)

We still have a lot of documentation to get ready. The compatibility guides will be here: You can also view the "to do" and "done" tickets in our ColdBox 4.0.0 beta swimlane in our Agile board in JIRA: Hopefully we'll be able to officially get a ColdBox 4 beta out the door soon, but I hope you understand that client work always takes precedence over the free stuff we do for the community :)

Andy K

Thanks Brad - watched the preso last night and I see you covered the same topic/question in there so I should've watched that before asking you!

Great preso by the way. It was the first time I've seen a *Box preso (and I've seen them all!) where you walked through a simple 2-minute minimal install from scratch. CB gets this "bloated/kitchen sink" reputation because of the enormity of features and documentation to wade through. I think this type of approach is key to introducing CB to a broader audience who seem to get turned off by the breadth and depth of the product. You really made an effort to address those concerns here and I thought you did a great job of it - even to me and I've been using this product since it was first released!

I strongly suggest that this kind of method be used on the new 4.0 docs where possible. Start off a Hello World and layer on the abilities and complexities. Addy Osmani wrote a great, short piece that touches on this analysis-paralysis that people get when they are confronted by too many choices up front: Anyways - cheers for both a great preso and a great product! Andy