My cf.Objective() 2014 Submissions & VOTE!

My cf.Objective() 2014 Submissions & VOTE!

Posted by Brad Wood
Nov 04, 2013 19:29:00 UTC
Everyone seemed to be tweeting out their cf.Objective() 2014 submissions today so I figured I would as well. However, not being able to fit much in 140 characters, I figured I would stick it in a quick blog entry. Firstly, I like the open voting format this year. it seemed to work well for CF Summit and I didn't hear a single complaint about the content there. After a slow start, I see a good number of additional topics have flowed into the board this last week or so. I've submitted 3 topics of my own for consideration on the cf.Objective() 2014 Trello board. They are thusly:

Introduction to Couchbase Server for NoSQL and caching

I've seen an upswing in NoSQL interested in the last few years in the CF community and that's cool. Couchbase is a dual purpose server as it rocks caching as well as JSON document stores. The Couchbase people have really nailed high availability distributed environments with a clustering setup that is as powerful as it is easy to use.

Honestly, the more I learn about clustering in Memcached, EhCache, and MongoDB, the more I'm convinced Couchbase has done it best. This session is meant to be an overview introduction to Couchbase, how to install and configure it, and why it's amazing.
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Get your code on the Couch! - Using Couchbase in CFML

We've been working a lot with Couchbase and rolling it out for multiple clients. It's been implemented as ORM Secondary cache, query/object caching, ColdBox template cache, and my favorite-- Railo session storage for ultimate clustered web server setups that want to use scalable Session storage without replication. We've been writing libraries and even a Railo extension to help developers use Couchbase. Much of it is open source, and some is commercial.

I'd like to show some "rubber hits the road" sort of examples of how to plug Couchbase into any existing CFML application whether it's Adobe ColdFusion or open source Railo. This talk will be code samples and demos showing you how to get started using Couchbase right now.
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What's a Pull Request? (Contributing to Open Source)

I love open source and pour hours of my free time into the ColdBox community in the hopes of helping raising overall community participation and increasing the value of CFML's frameworks. I also recognize the other fine frameworks in the space and people that devote their energy to making them successful. There's people that want to help out with their favorite open source project but simply don't know how. As second nature as source control is to many of us, still much of the community does not use it. Sometimes pleas for pull requests are met with blank stares of confusion or fear.

The goal of this topic is to help demystify Git and it's common workflows for novices and walk through the process of what a pull requests is and how to submit one. We'll also cover creating GitHub account and forking community repositories as well as creating your own. I hope to empower and inspire people to step out and get involved in the CFML community space.
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Now Vote!

I honestly don't care if you vote for my topics or not-- but please go vote for something on the Trello board. This is your chance to make your voice heard and keep cf.Objective() fresh and relevant. There's good stuff in there and no reason why at least half of the people planning on attending the conference don't throw in their opinion.

Tim Cunningham

Glad to hear you like Trello as an open venue for voting and commenting. That decision for CFSummit and Cf.Objective() 2014 lands squarely on me (combined with the fact that just days before the call for speakers, I realized the Twitter OAuth login for the prior engage App we used no longer worked)

I heard complaints from Kai and others that the horizontal scrolling was unfair to people not on the first screen. Seemed like whining to me, but Jason fixed that by putting extremely noticable and humorous markers showing that there was more content to the right!

Trello is not perfect, but I don't think we could have written a better app in a couple days. and frankly the real time updates when comments are added or things change on my computer, email or mobile device is invaluable to me as a conference content organizer.

You have chosen some excellent content! One question is there a link to a recording of Gavins topic? I would very much like to see his content and presentation style.


Tim cf.Objective() 2014 Content Chairman

Brad Wood

The "scroll right" comments and pictures were hilarious.

Here is the link to Gavin's presentation on the Media portion of the ColdBox site: TEST DRIVEN LEARNING - LEARNING COLDBOX THROUGH TESTING