Do You Know Your OO Acronyms?

Do You Know Your OO Acronyms?

Posted by Brad Wood
Nov 01, 2008 14:15:00 UTC
Lately I've noticed how impossible it is to talk about Object Oriented Programming without peppering your conversations with scholarly-sounding acronyms. I don't know if we programmers just like to sound smart or if we see it as part of a special club of sorts. As my good friend Anonymous once said, "If it is Computer Oriented and if it doesn't have an Acronym, then it doesn't exist" That being said, here is a list I comprised of acronyms that are related to OO or have come up recently in blogs about OO. See how many you can identify, and comment with any additional ones you think of.
  • AOP - Aspect Oriented Programming
  • API - Application Programming Interface
  • CFC - ColdFusion Component
  • CRUD - Create Read Update Delete
  • DAO - Data Access Object
  • DBMS - DataBase Management System
  • DI - Dependency Injection
  • GoF - Gang of Four
  • IBO - Iterating Business Object
  • IOC - Inversion Of Control
  • MVC - Model View Controller
  • NIH - Not Invented Here
  • OO - Object Oriented
  • OOP - Object Oriented Programming
  • OOPSLA - Oblect Oriented Programming Systems, Languages and Applications
  • ORM - Object Relational Mapper
  • PEM - Properties Events and Methods
  • POOP - Pseudo Object Oriented Programming
  • RAD - Rapid Application Development
  • RDBMS - Relational DataBase Management System
  • ROI - Return On Investment
  • RPC - Remote Procedure Call
  • RTW - Reinventing The Wheel
  • SOA - Service Oriented Architecture
  • SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol
  • UI - User Interface
  • UML - Unified Modeling Language
  • YAGNI - You Ain't Gonna' Need It

Shawn Holmes

AFAIK, you nailed the list, but WTF, no VO? IIRC, "Value Object" deserves a mention. LOL!


Along with Business Object and Data Transfer Object


I'm kind of partial to POOP.

Ben Nadel

Yeah, me too. I like to play with POOP.