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Max Day 2: Liveblog Quotes from Main Session -- NEW IDE!!!

I've fought my way to a seat somewhere in the back half of the main auditorium for Tuesday's Main Session. Today is supposed to be the big day for product announcements like ColdFusion. I assume Ray Camden will be blogging this too, so I'm going to take a slightly different approach and let him do the play by play while I record the best quotes I hear from Adobe's finest. I will update the post as I get good stuff to record and assuming my internet connection says up...
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Max Day 1: Overview of My Schedule

AIR, ColdFusion, Flash, Flex, Max
Well I didn't get to write this until this morning, but I wanted to reflect briefly on the first day of Max. This being not only my first Max but my first conference in general. I've got to say that overall I have been pretty impresed.
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